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Purchasing a Knowledge2College course is your first step to successfully earning college credit. When you’re finished registering, you will be given access to the online courseware you need to achieve success. Get started NOW! Click Here

When you purchase knowledge2college.com online course access you will receive:

  • Assignment questions with page # references to the professor recommended textbook that help you learn the material to pass the exam
  • End of Lesson Practice Exams that will determine your readiness to move forward and/or for the final exam
  • A Practice Final Course Exam that will be graded so you can assess your readiness to take the official exam for credit

To successfully complete your knowledge2college.com course, you will need to purchase or otherwise obtain the professor recommended textbook. Please remember that book publishers make money when you buy their book. Most often, new editions of textbooks are released despite there not being any new, major changes to the content. Knowledge2College intentionally writes their content based on the prior edition of the now current textbook. We do this to help keep the textbooks affordable for YOU. As an example, using the prior edition, you can purchase used textbooks whereas that likely wouldn’t be an option with the current edition of a textbook. Also, once a new edition is released the price of prior editions substantially decrease!


Independent Study and “Testing Out” is right for you if:

  • You want to earn college credit for a fraction of the cost of what traditional colleges/universities charge per credit hour
  • You want to be able to pay as you go, one course at a time or even lesson by the lesson
  • You don’t have the time or desire to go back to a structured or campus-based program
  • You want to integrate school into your life structure, not the other way around
  • You want to be able to start and stop whenever you need/want to
  • You prefer independent study at your own pace
  • You would like the opportunity to earn college credit for what you already know
  • You want to be graded on your individual performance
  • You’re serious about earning your degree

To learn more about e-learning and the independent study process, visit our home page and download our complimentary e-book!

knowledge2college offers an online e-learning platform which students can access 24/7/365. A great benefit of independent learning is that you can move as quickly or as slowly as you like. Want to take a break for a family event? No problem. Want to double up on classes during the summer? No problem. You study when you want to, at your own pace – not the other way around.

The tuition for a traditional 2-year or 4-year degree can cost from $20,000.00 (2 yr.) up to *$40,000 (4 yr.). In addition to tuition, there are also expenses like, transportation, child care, food, textbooks, lab fees, access fees; the actual tuition is just part of the cost you pay.

With the help and direction of knowledge2college.com, learning will cost you a fraction of what a traditional education would cost today, and you have the advantage of learning at your own pace.

Financing really isn’t needed!
knowledge2college is the only provider of college level online courses that can be purchased individually “by the lesson” and each course “lesson“ starts at only $9.95 so you essentially pay-as-you-go and as you can afford it.

Just like a campus-based program, each knowledge2college course is broken up into easy to navigate and absorb lessons (similar to a traditional 16-week college semester).

The difference is the colleges want you to pay thousands of dollars up-front, usually with a student loan. With knowledge2college, you get to “Go at your own pace” and “Pay-as-you-go“.

For those students that can afford a bit more, you can purchase each General Education Course for only $150.00, or take advantage of our monthly, recurring subscription and get access to all the courses you need for only $99/month, by far our BEST VALUE!

  • Transfer Credits – From courses you’ve already taken and passed or Standardized Examinations you passed
  • Preparing for, taking, and passing Standardized Examinations – Then transferring your passing score into one of the 2,900 Universities

Note: Students are encouraged to check with their college of choice to find out how many transfers credits their college will allow based on the student’s degree path. In most cases, colleges accept approximately 24-credit hours, however, there are several schools that allow students to “Test Out” of 100% of their required courses for graduation using “Standardized Examinations“ to earn “Transfer Credit by Examination“ such as Excelsior College.
knowledge2college provides the online courseware that prepares independent students to pass more than 50 different Standardized Exams.

“Testing Out” is the process of taking standardized-exams to earn college credit instead of going to a traditional college class to earn the SAME college credit. The standardized exam is the same as a final exam in a traditional college. You’re tested on what the average college student would know after completing a college course in a subject.

It’s called a Standardized Examination because a group of professors put the test together based on what the average college student should know about a subject after completing a semester in a college class. It’s like the final examination traditional students must pass; it measures knowledge of a subject.

Nationally recognized providers like CLEP, ECE, DSST, TECEP. “Testing Out” using Standardized Examinations has been around for more than 50-years, and over 1,000,000 students use it to earn college credit each semester.

Standardized Exams are offered at most colleges and on most Military bases, as well as over 1,800 US locations. You schedule to take a Standardized Examination when you feel you’re prepared to pass.

Yes!  There are several schools that allow 100% of your required credits for graduation to be earned by Standardized Examination. Keep in mind; colleges are in the business of selling education, not giving it away, so not all schools are as flexible as others. You are encouraged to check with your college to find out their specific transfer credit policy for the degree path that interests you.

You access your online course via Knowledge2College.com. In the upper right-hand corner you will see “Sign In.” Once you complete the purchase/registration process, you will have a user ID and password to access the courses or lessons you purchased.
Our online courseware was designed specifically to prepare independent learners to successfully pass over 50 different Standardized Exams.
You can access the online platform from anywhere, at any time, and on any device with internet access.
Each online course is broken down into lessons that consist of reading materials, discussion questions, and practice exams.  The lessons are designed to systematically help prepare you to pass each standardized exam and earn college credit.

No, this e-learning experience was designed to fit into your life schedule. You can log in anywhere at any time as you have time.

You are provided with a Practice Exam at the end of each course lesson. Our Learning Management System will grade these exams and show you your grade so you can be sure you are able to achieve a passing score before you move on to the next lesson in your course. This way, you are building a knowledge platform of success.

No. After passing each Standardized Examination, the company that offered the exam will “Bank” your passing score until you enroll in a program and then transfer your passing score to the school you enrolled in. Passing scores are good, in most cases, for up to five (5) years*.

*Subject to change or vary, check with the standardized exam provider

Yes. Each provider sets their own fee. They range in price from $30.00 up to $500.00 for specialty courses. Most course exams range from $50.00 to $80.00 each.

You can start a lesson or course 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year. And if you do not complete the entire course lesson in one sitting, the system will remember where you left off and start you right in that exact spot the next time you log back in!

An internet connection of DSL or better is recommended.  While dial-up can be used, we do not recommend this for optimum usage. You do not have to use a CD/DVD to access the online learning platform. All you need is a PC with internet access and you are on your way.

Yes, you will need an active email address when you sign up for your first course and/or course lesson. There are many free email options available online. Check out google mail (gmail) or yahoo mail (ymail).

Yes. You will be in an online learning portal customized for you based on your purchase.

Yes of course! The professor recommended college-level textbook(s) for each course are critical to a student’s academic success. Have you ever taken a college level course that did not require a college-level textbook?
The good news is that you may already own the recommended textbook, or can borrow the book, or can buy the book used. On the course page for each course, the professor recommended textbook is listed including the ISBN # so you ensure you purchase the correct edition of the textbook.
Knowledge2College is proud to provide you with the option to purchase textbooks through our online Amazon.com store. They usually have the lowest prices for new and used textbooks. You will find a link to the knowledge2college bookstore on each course page.
The textbook provides you the ability to research and answer the assignment questions in the online course and knowledge2college is your roadmap through the textbook.
Please remember that book publishers make money when you buy their book. Most often, new editions of textbooks are released despite there not being any new, major changes to the content.

Knowledge2College intentionally writes their content based on the prior edition of the now current textbook. We do this to help keep the textbooks affordable for YOU. As an example, using the prior edition, you can purchase used textbooks whereas that likely wouldn’t be an option with the current edition of a textbook. Also, once a new edition has released the price of prior editions substantially decrease!

Don’t forget you can easily sell your textbook when your done using it. There are many companies that purchase used textbooks such as sellbackyourbook.com, booksrun.com, and textbookrush.com to name a few!

No. The content you need to learn in order to successfully pass each Standardized Exam is found within each knowledge2college online course.

This is the great news! We offer purchase options that range from $9.95/lesson to a $99/month all course access subscription. We work very hard to provide quality education resources for a low, affordable price as to make college accessible to anyone who desires to learn and/or earn college credit.

Another advantage of independent learning is that you can move as quickly as you want, or go as slowly as you need to. If you feel a hand pushing you forward, it will be yours alone. If you have the time and want to fly though the lessons then you go right ahead. We’ll applaud your enthusiasm and work ethic!

It is important that you check with your School of Nursing to learn of their degree requirements. Once you know what is required, there is no waiting list to get started. With Knowledge2College, you can get started right now! You determine the pace, when to study, and when to take exams. You are in control of your academic requirements.

Yes. However, for the LPN to RN Bridge Program, if you are currently licensed as an LPN, LVN or Paramedic you will likely qualify. Plus, any General Education credits you have previously earned will probably transfer as long as they were from an accredited college or university and are less than 5-years old.

The college that knowledge2college recommends most often for the LPN to RN Bridge Program is Excelsior College School of Nursing located in New York State.
Fast facts about Excelsior College:

  • Excelsior College is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of States Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • Excelsior College’s nursing programs are accredited by the ACEN which is Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing which was previously called the NLN or the National League of Nursing
  • Excelsior College’s Associate of Science in Nursing Degree is the nation’s licensure RN program that can be completed at a distance.
  • Excelsior College has the only examinations in nursing that are recognized by American Council on Education (ACE).
  • Excelsior College is a National League for Nursing “Center for Excellence”.

In Feb of 2014 Excelsior College President John F. Ebersole was quoted saying in part, “…this is a 40-year-old program that has produced more than 50,000 graduates and has been designated a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education by the National League of Nursing for the past 7-years.” In short, Excelsior College is one of the largest nursing schools in the country.

Yes.  More than 250-graduate institutions accept Excelsior College graduates into their advanced degree programs, including Colgate, Harvard, University of Miami, University of Texas, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and UCLA to name just a few.  Many graduates report that incorporating distance learning as part of their undergraduate degree program prepared them well for graduate school.

Once you’ve enrolled and been academically assessed and it’s been determined that you’ve met all of your academic requirements for graduation, Excelsior College will approve you for participation in their two-part clinical.

The first part is the FCCA or the Focused Clinical Competency Assessment. This is a computerized simulated clinical assessment that measures your ability to apply nursing knowledge and make judgements about patient care.

Once both parts of the FCCA are completed you will register for the Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE®) by sending in an application. You will be given a test date and will be expected to be ready by the scheduled date. You will go to one of 15-regional performance assessment centers (as of 2015) for a clinical evaluation.  The CPNE assesses your nursing skills in patient care over a 3-day weekend. If your skills and competency equal those of the average new graduate nurse, you will earn eight college credit and meet your clinical requirement for Graduation and *Licensure.

If you are participating in Excelsior College’s Nursing Program, they will provide you with a CPNE Preparation Package when you register to take the CPNE exam.
Please note: Some State Boards of Nursing may require Excelsior College Graduates to complete additional clinical hours locally and/or other requirements before meeting State licensure requirements. It is advised that you check with your State Board of Nursing to get exact requirements.