Credit by Examination

What is Credit by Examination?

Credit by Examination is a fast and efficient way to earn college credit toward your degree without having to attend any traditional classroom instruction.  Thousands of people do it every year! Credit by Examination allows your knowledge, regardless of where it came from, to be translated into college credit. People acquire college-level knowledge through life experience such as job experience, volunteering, attending seminars or other non-college courses, and also, through studying on their own.

For many decades, the Military has used independent learning and credit by examination to allow military personnel to independently learn and “test out” of College Courses as well as Military Specific Courses.  

Credit by Examination is now widely used by a variety of learners such as high school students, home school students, college students, military servicemembers, and working adults.

Nationally recognized testing companies and schools such as CLEP, DSST, Excelsior College, and Thomas Edison State University offer standardized exams to help an independent learner demonstrate their knowledge in a given subject area.

Today, there are many people from all walks of life, who earn a four (4) year college degree using nothing but independent learning to aid in the testing out of courses using the Credit by Examination model. In other cases, people use independent learning and Credit by Examination to earn some of the  college credits they need to save time and money. In all cases, upon successfully passing a standardized exam, the passing grades are transferred to a college of their choice that accepts the passing scores and will issue them college credit toward a degree.

Please check with your Academic Advisor to learn how many standardized exam (CLEP, DSST, ECE, TECEP) credits your college or university will accept.