You May Already Have the Knowledge

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You May Already Have The Knowledge

Accelerate Your Academic Success


With time and money being key factors for many adult learners, testing out of standardized exams for college credit is an ideal solution. This method allows you to avoid student loans and make the best use of tuition reimbursement that your employer may offer while earning college-level credit quickly. Depending on the college you want to transfer into, you could earn enough credit to skip the first two years of college without taking a single class, and at a fraction of the cost. There may be CLEP, DSST, and/or ECE standardized exams that you can take and pass with little or no study based on your previous or current experience.

How do you know when you are ready?  Go to and take a practice exam. If you do well and are confident with the results, move forward and take the exam. If you need preparation in order to pass, take a Knowledge2College online course. These courses not only give you the knowledge you need to pass the exam, but also give you the opportunity to take timed practice exams that are similar to the for-credit standardized exams.

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