Is Testing out Right for me?

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Thousands Of Students Test Out And Earn College Credit Each Year


Testing out is right for:

  • High school students who want to enter college with some or most of their freshman credit requirements completed
  • Adult learners starting a second career who need and want additional credentials
  • Adult learners who must work full time, but have the desire to continue learning for employment advancement or personal satisfaction
  • Individuals who have completed some college but had to drop out before they completed their degree program
  • Individuals who are committed to the idea of lifelong learning
  • Anyone who wants to earn college credit, or a college degree, but doesn’t have the time, or desire to go back to a college campus full or part time


If you fall into one of these categories, review our course list and take the next step in earning college credit by testing out.  Preparing to test out of college courses using Knowledge2College’s online courses is perfect for those who prefer assisted independent learning or independent distance learning over a structured classroom setting.  Get started earning credits for your degree today!

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