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Knowledge2College provides online courses for independent learners to study and ready themselves for college-level exams. All of our courses are developed by real professors who know exactly what students need to successfully test out of college-level exams.


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We’re confident that with our help students can refresh their knowledge and regain their confidence in their chosen subject. Whether they’ve gained on the job education or it’s the second time around, Knowledge2College is the best option to prepare for and pass college credit exams


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Maybe you’re a college student taking a course that you aren’t confident in passing. Or maybe you’re a high school student taking college credit classes and you want supplemental study materials. Whatever the case may be, Knowledge2College courses are great exam preparation resources for students who are determined to ace their exams.

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CLEP, DSST, ECE Test Preparation Courses

Knowledge2College provides online courses for independent learners to study and ready themselves to (“Test Out”) of college-level exams such as CLEP, DSST, and ECE. The credits earned from passing these exams are accepted at over 2,900 colleges and universities. Skip the classroom, save time, and save money! Ask your advisor how many standardized exam credits they accept and fast track your way to your career.

Make your time count and prepare for your standardized exam using Knowledge2College’s online courses. Knowledge2College gives you everything you need to prepare for your exams in one place. With 24/7 access to your online courses,  you can study at your own pace.

Knowledge2College also helps traditional students refresh on information they already know and/or supplement the study materials provided at school.

We offer courses in a variety of subject areas: Nursing, Social Sciences, Business, Natural Sciences, & Humanities.

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Jennifer Z.

About the study guides, I really enjoyed the quizzes at the end of each lesson and then the final exam at the end of the whole thing. It really helped me a lot – and it helped me to go back and find what I really needed to study on. I think I’ve done pretty good trying to complete the sections. A lot of people are really proud of me for wanting to go through with this program and I suggest that everybody should go ahead and do it. I would recommend people who have motivation to study on their own – and if they’re the type of person who can study on their own without anybody telling them what to do. It’s a good program and I wish you luck, I think in the long run, it really benefits you.

- Student

Glenda W.

I’m 57 years old. I didn’t graduate from high school; I only went to the 8th grade. I got my GED and I’ve worked all these years. I just couldn’t find a place to stop and go to college, but this really works well for me. I myself, feel like if I can take these classes and pass them, anybody can. It is real beneficial. It’s hard when you don’t even have a high school education – when you start picking up all these things that you’ve never seen in your life. Then you say, “Hey, I can pass this test – I did pass it!” It really gets you motivated. I think K2C is really good for the kind of education you might need to get – or want to get – and it’s proven good for me.

- Student

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Access to as many courses as you need or want monthly for a low monthly recurring fee! Those needing many college credits or those completing a degree program should strongly consider this option! This is by far our best value.

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Purchase a full course that includes six months of access to at least 20 complete lessons, practice exams and a practice final exam for each course.

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Want to brush up, prepare just a bit more, or CRAM for that DSST exam? Knowledge2College’s ExpressPrep Guide will provide you with a professor prepared narrative overview of each subject, test taking tips and 100 practice exam questions along with the answer key that gives you the rationale for the correct answer.

You will save over $250 by purchasing the full course over a single lesson at a time!

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View our e-book to receive 2018 prices!  Those that view the e-book will receive a coupon code valid for 20% off of any product!

Whether you’re a baby boomer or a millennial, you will be at ease using our online courses to earn college credit.

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Study anywhere, really? Yes, really, with Knowledge2College all you need is a smart device and internet access. With all of the WIFI access in the world today you can literally study from almost anywhere!

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It's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

With courses that span across most disciplines, Knowledge2College is sure to have some or possibly all of the courses you need to fulfill your degree requirements!

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It's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

Merge education into your life instead of stopping your life to go to class! Balance your work, family, and social activities while obtaining your education! With Knowledge2College you study at your convenience!

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