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The Credit You Deserve –
On Your Schedule

Earn College Credit Without Attending Class


Credit by examination, or testing out of college courses, is a method that focuses on the elements of higher education that are valued most – gaining the college credits you need while saving time and money.

Independent learning and testing out of a course, allows you to structure the learning process into your current life schedule, no matter what your life schedule may be.

Today, rather than you trying to figure out how to restructure your life around a specific college or university schedule, you can incorporate the learning process to fit into your current life schedule.

You can fast track or go as slow as you want. You are in control! You set the pace.  If you are serious about earning college credit or a degree, and you do not have the time or desire to attend a traditional classroom setting, testing out can be a great alternative for you.  Learn more by clicking one of the courses listed on the right or one of the buttons below.

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